Take the lead in deploying its Southeast Asian market and seize new overseas business opportunities

Rapid development of e-commerce industry continuously generates packaging demands

In the post-pandemic era, the trend of digitalization has been fully unveiled. The change of consumer behaviors in Southeast Asia has spawned the rise of e-commerce in the region, and the massive demand for courier packaging has enabled huge development potential for all market segments. It is expected that the demand for packaging in Southeast Asia will continue soaring in recent years.

Superior geographical location contains huge market development potential

Southeast Asia, thanks to its important geographical location in Asia with linkage to Oceania, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, is a key interchange for international trade. Driven by the import and export trade need, therefore, the local packaging market demand is enormous.

Multiple "dividends" support the fast growth of international trade

Driven by the "demographic dividend" and manufacturing shift, Southeast Asia has ushered in more significant growth despite the global economic slowdown. At the same time, benefiting from China's "Belt and Road" policy, Southeast Asia is expected to remain a main development driver in the industry in the next five years, with its market becoming a strategic bridgehead for enterprises to develop global foreign trade business.

Seize new opportunities for the development of the packaging industry in Southeast Asia

Asian packaging market accounts for over 40% of the global packaging market. We are exploring increasing demand in this emerging market. Among Asian countries, Southeast Asian countries have considerable demands in packaging technology, packaging equipment, packaging talent training and many other aspects. To some extent, it is a golden

opportunity for domestic packaging enterprises and equipment manufacturers to expand the market

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