Organized by RX (China) and strategically cooperated with the World Packaging Organization (WPO), WEPACK ASEAN is an industry exchanges gala for the Southeast Asian packaging and printing market as well as a new and efficient trade platform dedicated to providing the upstream and downstream industry chain of the Southeast Asian packaging and printing industry. WEPACK ASEAN encompasses seven themed exhibitions, such as Corrugated ASEAN 2023, FoldingCarton ASEAN 2023, DPrint ASEAN 2023, Paper ASEAN 2023, FlexPack ASEAN 2023, Food Pack & Tech ASEAN 2023, PACKCON ASEAN 2023. WEPACK ASEAN 2023 will impact the Southeast Asia or the whole of Asia from Malaysia. Transplanting the concept of WEPACK that "across the entire packaging and printing industry chain", focusing on from raw materials to processing to finished packaging and terminal market, connecting the upstream and downstream of the industry, WEPACK ASEAN  launches a highly influential industry gala of industry interactions and trade exchanges on the basis of the market characteristics of the Southeast Asian packaging and printing industry.


1、Excellent geographic location

With the strategic shift of the global manufacturing industry, the ever-expanding consumer populations have significantly spurred the development of Southeast Asia's manufacturing industry, making Southeast Asia one of the world's most vibrant and promising regions in terms of economic development. The demands for packaging technology, equipment, and talent training, etc., therefore, are continuously surging across Southeast Asian countries. To accommodate the application requirements, it is vital to adopt strategic thinking for high efficiency, quality and development in advance. Recent years have seen rapid growth of the packaging industry in Malaysia, which, thanks to its superior geographical location, serves as a key international trade hub with transportation advantages. Taking Malaysia as the center and influencing Southeast Asia as well as other Asian regions, the industry boasts boundless potentials for development.

2、Strong industry resources

Having transplanted WEPACK's concept of "running through the whole packaging and printing industry chain", WEPACK ASEAN, alongside its series of packaging exhibitions such as "Corrugated ASEAN", "FoldingCarton ASEAN" and "DPrint ASEAN", spans the entire industry from upstream to downstream by focusing on raw materials, processing boards, packaging products and the terminal market, and revolves around the characteristics of the Southeast Asian packaging and printing industry market to showcase advanced product, technologies and services. Of those exhibitions, Corrugated ASEAN, on the solid foundation of SinoCorrugated, is a confluence of rich resources and experience concentrated over the past 20-odd years in the corrugated and paper packaging industry. Attended by 100+ corrugated, 100+ folding carton, raw paper, and other internationally renowned equipment companies putting their equipment on display, this WEPACK ASEAN in Malaysia is a must-go influential industry gala in Southeast Asia.

3、Concurrent activities

With the theme of "Smart Future Driven by Greenness" and focus on sharing industry information in Southeast Asian region, the Organizer proposes to invite corrugated industries, packaging associations and industry KOLs from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and China to hold a seminar on sharing development trends of the carton packaging industry. It is expected to attract more than 100 packaging equipment producers, carton enterprise leaders, and e-commerce brand owners from 15 countries to attend for sharing, and bring the latest interpretation on developments and technologies in the Southeast Asian corrugated packaging industry for you.

4、In-depth exploration of SEA packaging industry

During this trip to Malaysia, you will have the opportunity to visit local outstanding paper packaging enterprises and plants, fully learn about the management concepts, market operating and development views of paper packaging enterprises in Southeast Asia, and conduct in-depth sharing and experience exchanges. Quota is limited, register now!

5、New investment opportunities in SEA

The paper-making industry in Malaysia attracts practitioners having advanced production processes and high-tech automated machines, and provides greater opportunities in the supply chain. It is known that the local government strongly encourages the development of enterprises producing the inside liner of corrugated paper, test liner board, kraft liner board, kraft paper or paperboard, and offers preferential taxes. During the exhibition, the organisers will invite the staff from the Malaysian Investment and Development Authority (MIDA) to share the local investment environment, investment policies and related benefits, helping you gain a deeper understanding of new development opportunities in the Southeast Asian market.

6、Enjoy the local customs and characteristic culture of Malaysia

A country abundant in tourism resources with ample sunshine and pleasant climate, Malaysia boasts a myriad of high-quality beaches, exotic islands, pristine tropical jungles, precious flora and fauna, countless caves, and cultural heritage sites with a long history, as well as modern cities. (Pictures of local specialties and food)







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