Dprint ASEAN

A specialized exhibition focusing on digital application equipment and technology for printing and forming of the whole-category packaging products, by linking the upstream and downstream of the packaging industry and terminal application industry, DPrint ASEAN assists digital printing equipment and technology vendors in building brand awareness in above industries, rapidly seizing the new market, expanding business opportunities and connections, and gaining insight into new user demands

Market opportunities

The rapid development of e-commerce packaging in Southeast Asia and the increasing demand for personalized packaging in the consumer market provide more opportunities and possibilities for the development of local digital printing technology applications in the packaging industry.

Exhibit Profile

▼Digital printing equipment:

Digital printing equipment with electrostatic technology
Digital printing equipment with inkjet technology
UV plate printing equip
Digital proofing equip
Digital printing on-line equipment
Digital coding equipment&technology

▼ Nozzle&inks&consumables and spare parts:

Ink-jet printhead
Digital water-based ink
Digital UV inks

▼ Digital pre-press software and equipment:

Color management software

Packaging design software
Printing control system
Ink conveying system

▼Digitalized post-press equip & converting equip:

Digital die cutters
Digital foil stamping equip
Intelligent slotting/Slitters
Digital cutting machine
Digital forming equipment
Other digital packaging equipment & technologies